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Kizomba is a dance from Africa.
Dance has a huge influence from Semba de Angola –
Music, rythms and instruments are influenced by Lusophones countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinee-Bissau, Cape Verde, etc and also by French Caribbean zouk rythm
It is characterized by a slow rythm, and a totally different connection between dancers than in Salsa, Bachata or (Brazilian) Zouk.
It is a partner dance – but you can come alone or with friends. We will switch partners in order to improve our Leader/ Follower Skills and get to know each others.

Here is a short video of Kizomba, involving mainly fundamentals, connection and musicality :



Learn Kizomba with us every Tuesday :

7PM : Beginners Kizomba
8PM : Intermediate Kizomba
9PM : Semba

Kizomba & Semba Gold Coast

Kizomba & Semba Gold Coast


Learn Dominican Bachata and Cuban Salsa with us every Thursday :

6.45PM : Dominican Bachata Beginners
7.45PM : Cuban Salsa Beginners
8.45PM : Cuban Salsa Intermediate

Cuban Salsa & Dominican Bachata - Gold Coast

Cuban Salsa & Dominican Bachata – Gold Coast


Curiosity and great vibe – Come with comfortables shoes or heels, you can choose !
No partner required – we will change partners in order to improve our Leader/ Follower Skills and get to know each others.


Tuesdays :
Ransley Ballet & dance center
57 Paradise Avenue – Miami Beach – Gold Coast

Thursdays :
The Studio Entertainment
22 Karen Ave – Mermaid Beach – Gold Coast


Absolute beginner – We will explain the music, the rythm, the instruments, everything related to musicality that can make you understand what is really Kizomba
We will also explain to you the Frame, the connection and how to Lead/ Follow your partner properly.
We will do fundamentals and learn how to travel with your partner, enjoying the music and conenction.
Not physical

Improvers Level – We will go further, add saidas, and do more complex travel movement. Playing with the rythm, playing also with some tricks and lift.
Not very complicated steps, until everyone get it – and we can create an intermediate levels


Special Offer for Absolute Beginner Kizomba Course : $40 for 4 weeks
Unlimited membership from $35/week
4 weeks course : 1 course $70 //2 courses $140
Casuals options : $20/hr or $35 for two hours on the same night
Book 4 for $78 – 8 casuals for $150 – 16 casuals for $275
Improvers Kizomba  course :$70 for 4 weeks


Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/frenchconnectiondance/

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