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Cuban Salsa / Casino – Partner dances
In Cuba, a popular dance known as Casino was marketed abroad as Cuban-style salsa or Salsa Cubana to distinguish it from other salsa styles when the name was popularized in the 1970s. Dancing Casino is an expression of popular social culture; Many Cubans consider casino a part of their social and cultural activities centering on their popular music.
You will learn how to understand the rythm, how to guide your partner and differents steps and patterns.
We teach two levels – one absolute beginner and an Improver level

Beginner Video :
Intermediate Video (Second Part of the Video):

Dominican Bachata – Partner dances
Bachata is worlwide known, but music and dance evolved from the original and authentic Dominican Bachata to Sensual/ Modern/ Sexy Bachata.
While the Modern/ Sexy/ Sensual bachata is a mix between salsa, and hip hop, the Dominican Bachata is focused on the connection with your partner and your footworks.
You will learn how to control your balance and exxecute the different footworks on different music, rythm, and understand a bit more about the Dominican songs and culture.
We teach one open level – Go through the basics and will go to the pace of the group. We will not let someone behind ! Try it 😉

Bachata Video (First Part of the video) :

Kizomba – Partner Dances
Kizomba is a dance from Africa.
Dance has a huge influence from Semba de Angola –
Music, rythms and instruments are influenced by Lusophones countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinee-Bissau, Cape Verde, etc and also by French Caribbean zouk rythm
It is characterized by a slow rythm, and a totally different connection between dancers than in Salsa, Bachata or (Brazilian) Zouk.
It is a partner dance – but you can come alone or with friends. We will switch partners in order to improve our Leader/ Follower Skills and get to know each others.

Here is a short video of Kizomba, involving mainly fundamentals, connection and musicality :



Learn Cuban Salsa on Mondays :

-6.30PM : Beginners Cuban salsa – Special offer available
-7.30PM : Intermediate Cuban Salsa
-8.30PM : Performance team Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa - Dance classes - Byron Bay

Cuban Salsa – Dance classes – Byron Bay


Learn Afro Steps & Kizomba on Wednesdays :

-7.00PM : Afro Steps – Follow me
-8.00PM : Kizomba Beginners
-9.00PM : Kizomba Intermediate

Kizomba Dance classes - Byron Bay

Kizomba Dance classes – Byron Bay


KULCHAJAM – 1 Acacia St – Byron Bay


Everyone is welcome to the open / Beginner level – No experience is needed, we will go from scratch !
Improvers level require an admission to the next level by your instructor.
It is a partner dancing, but no partner is required, we will dance and change partner during the class, to make sure everyone dance together and get to know each other.



We offer a large panel of options from unlimited membership, 4 week course or casuals classes.
-Beginners special offer $40 for 4 weeks course !

-Unlimited membership from $38/week, this will give you access to all our classes on Tuesdays Kizomba/Semba and Thursdays Dominican bachata/Cuban Salsa. Best option if you want to learn it fast and everything we have to offer.

-Commit for a 4 week course : Cuban Salsa or Dominican bachata $70 for a 4 week course. $135 for Cuban salsa AND dominican bachata for 4 weeks.

– Casual drop ins welcome at anytime.
$20/hr or $35 for 2 hours on the same night
Buy a package and get a discount : 4 casuals $78 – 8 casuals for $150 – 16 casuals for $275
Investment casual $20 per class or $35 for 2 classes


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