Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata

Frenchconnectiondance. Founder Clement Maura, an experienced salsa/bachata/kizomba dancer and instructor. Having previously taught latin dance in Melbourne, he is now teaching out of Byron Bay and Brisbane. Clement has studied dance for 8 years with Cuban salsa and Dominican bachata teachers in Paris and throughout Europe. He studied kizomba with Isabelle and Felicien, internationally recognised kizomba performers and instructors.

« As a trained guitarist at Paris Conservatory, I fell in love with Latin music for it’s intricate rhythms, powerful percussion, African influence and fluid harmonies. But the most life-changing part came from the discovery of the Cuban culture, meeting so many different personalities and beautiful people interested to share their passion and their knowledge, and the discovery of the African roots connected with dance and body movement. All that journey bring me then to discover that beautiful dance which is Kizomba that I learned with the world famous international teacher, as Isabelle&Felicien , morenasso, Tony Pirata and much more. That mix between Dance, social and cultural interaction changed all from my ‘dance vision’ to my ‘life vision’, and I want to share it with you now! »